Month: September 2018

Diesel Outfitters HD Street / Tow 48RE Transmission Build

Looking get the power of your mighty Cummins Turbo Diesel to the ground… Stop by for one of our in house performance transmission builds.  We use our very own recipe of aftermarket parts from companies such as Sun Coast Converters, Raybestos, Sonnax, MagHytec and many more to build a...
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2015 Ford F-350 Diesel Outfitters Traction Bars

Got axle hop…  No problem, hit us up for some of our Traction Bars.  These are custom fabricated in house by our very own skilled builders.  We use grease-able Currie Joints with grade 8 hardware on both ends of the traction bars to ensure a noise free, smooth ride....
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2015 Ford F-250 Carli 2.5 Pintop Install

Another Carli 2.5 Pintop Suspension system down the road! If you want your Truck’s ride, comfort, and suspension performance to be top notch come in and talk to us about Carli Suspension Systems. The best in the biz!     ...
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